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 -- 2015-16 schedule of classes --

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We have personalized Art lessons just for you.

Small classes of 12 students or less with one-on-one training in the class.
Classes for all ages: 4 & up, teens and adults.
Super-encouraging environment!
1 hour & 45 minute classes, once a week
28 class times to choose from.
Simple to understand lessons teach core concepts that all artists should know.
Long-term training gets you to a place where you can become the artist you've dreamed of being.

"The art class is the high point of my week. Dennas is great at helping us each at our level of experience. We have lots of fun, and try all different types of projects. It is a very encouraging atmosphere"

Fall Registration is on-going, and you may join a class at anytime as long as there is room. We are filling up classes quickly, so call for availability. LEARN MORE by scrolling down, or you can check our pages: ON-GOING CLASSES & OVERVIEW ).

Text or tap-to-call (mobile) the number below to contact Dennas, Firstlight's director & founder:

Artists love to draw & paint

That's why we began Firstlight. We know people who love to create art, so we wanted to make a nurturing, encouraging, fun and exciting place for artists of all ages to come learn how to do what they want, and make some really cool stuff.

Registration is always on-going.
Check our schedules of classes for this year and next here. You may join a class at any time if there is room - & without missing any of our lessons!
This year still has some room in classes.
• Drawing & painting (Foundations & Expressions classes)
• Cartooning (cartoon is currently full)
• Seniors classes
• Call for availability.

Tap here to send an email directly to Dennas with questions.

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Personalized art instruction
for kids, teens and adults.

1st year 7-year old

Here's the deal. If you're an artist, you want a private art lesson. You want a mentor. Someone who will tell you the things you want to know. Private lessons, however, are not only expensive, but also leave a lot of downtime for the teacher while the student works.

In a room with only 10 students, you can have that same one-on-one connection. There is time for personalized lessons, and time for artists to work in-between the instruction. Our teachers visit each student while they work, and get to know what they're doing. We answer the questions that lead to self expression and to greater confidence. You also get to make some friends!

Why our students love it

1. Encouragement, not criticism
2. Freedom - flexible, self-expressive classes
3. Long-term, on-going approach
4. Serious training with questions answered

4th year adult

1. Foremost, we encourage artists. We do this to the point where we have actually eliminated the words, mistake, correct, right & wrong, in the classroom. Encouragement, however, is not just saying good things; it is saying good things that are absolutely true. We only speak truth when we praise, and we work with students to improve their work when they ask for help. This is encouraging to them.

5th year teen

2. Freedom to express and choose your way of doing things is critical to enjoying art. If you don't enjoy it, then you won't continue. It's pretty simple really, but many art courses are actually designed to be discouraging. Others are focused on making a quick picture to take home. Neither approach creates confident artists.

1st year 8 yr old

3. We have always believed that art training should be big-picture oriented, long-term, and all about the artist - as opposed to all about the teaching. Most art instruction has been set up as short courses. Each class teaches one thing, like drawing or watercolor. After the class, you're on your own. Our vision, however, is to walk along side of artists and work with you; providing the real-world practical instruction that leads to awesome self-expression.

3rd year 9 yr old

4. That's why we offer small, on-going classes that are student focused, with the goal of long-term personal development. Our 3-D learning model lets students express themselves, and develop their own unique style, as they discover new ideas, learn specific techniques, and gain time-saving insights. Our classes are really fun too!

"I realized not only that she was being taught the same things I learned in art school, but that she was getting it - at only age 9."
Shea Williams

4th year Adult

6 year old & Preschool class project

Text or tap-to-call the number below to contact Dennas, Firstlight's director & founder:


C a l e n d a r
• Sat. Jan 7, 1-4 pm - Free for registered students ages 8 & up