A Call for Entries

– Show is June 7th –

Do you know why we have a yearly art show?


Because the world needs happy artists.


Artists Show 2019

Friday, June 7th – 6 to 9 pm

St Philip Church – 2nd & Main St

Part of the Franklin Art Scene – Our City-Wide Art Walk

Paintings, Drawings, Painted Furniture, Comic Books, More

Door Prizes at 6:30 & 8:30 (Art Supplies and Apparel)


Driven by Art 2019

Firstlight Students Making a Difference


Hand-Painted Car Auction to Benefit Franktown Open Hearts

2011 Ford Focus – Title: “Rhythm & Bees”

Auction at 8 pm at
Gallery 202

Sponsored by EuroFix


Juried by the artists

You choose your favorite work – one or two pieces of flat or sculptural work
Digital art should be printed on high-quality photo paper or giclee print

2D: Framed or Matted

We can’t hang loose artwork (sorry!)

Framed work must have a hanging wire

Matted work must have backing board

Bring art to Firstlight


Wednesday, June 5th – 6:00 pm

All work must have on the back:

  1. Artist’s name
  2. Artist’s age or “adult”
  3. Phone number

A Long And Detailed Message From Mr. Dennas


Dear artists and parents,

The world needs happy artists.

Do this.

Thank you!

We need a lot of helpers. We can’t do this without you!

 We need your works in the show – even if you can’t make it on Friday night.

We need helpers for set up and take down on Friday.

We need food and drink for the event.


Let Us Know

Tap the button to send an email and tell us if you’re bringing one or two works.

We’ll need a lot of volunteer help. There are 3 setup times, take-down, and food/drink needs. Please sign up using the red button above!


Get a Frame or Mat

All artwork must have either a frame with a wire across the back, or a professional looking mat with a backing board on it (art is sandwiched between the mat and backing).

Check our shortlist of good local framers by tapping the button.


Drop off Artwork

Every work needs this simple form taped to the back. Also fill out the display tag with the artist’s name & age (or just ‘adult’). Drop off the artwork at our studio any weekday. See our schedule below.

Button opens a printable pdf.

Artwork Drop-off Times

Before Memorial day:

Every weekday between 4 and 6 pm.

Tuesdays 10 am to noon and 1 to 8 pm

Wednesdays 2 to 6:30 pm

After Memorial day:

Text for appointment or

Wednesday June 5 between 9 am and 6 pm