Because we want to develop each individual artist, we offer 2 kinds of art courses: Long-term training, and short summer sessions. Our school-year training courses are the primary focus. We have discovered ways to open up artists to their own creativity and show them techniques and insights that help remove the fears and frustrations that are common to artists. The Summer session fills the gap for dedicated artists and allows new people to try us out.

School-year Training Courses

These are designed for artists! People who want to find their own expression and not be frustrated by lack of training or poor materials. We have a school-year term, with a 36-week curriculum that rotates for 2 years and can be begun at any point in the cycle. (These classes are designed to be taken for 2 school-years to get all of our 72 basic Foundation lessons). Our classes focus on traditional art methods that are updated with easy-to-remember insights and strong foundational techniques. There is room for plenty of self-expression too. When a student reaches the end of the 72 lessons, the artist move up to next level in the same class.

Regular class pages with detailed info:

Foundations & Creations • age 8-adults

Our comprehensive course for beginners, intermediate, & accomplished artists who want to expand their knowledge base


KidsART • ages 4-5 and 6-7

Our Big-Picture, Big-Fun art classes for early artists.


Toons (cartooning) age 10 & up

Our cartooning classes are fun and challenging!


Adult Classes

Our comprehensive courses for beginners, intermediate, & accomplished artists who want to expand their understanding


Advanced classes for kids, teens & adults

Artists move up into our higher levels as they complete courses



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Students ages 8+, teens, and adults, begin with our Foundations course.


Join our program at any time in the school year


Summer Session

This is a different program from our primary school-year training. There are 3 types of classes offered in our Summer session. Workshops focus on specific areas that only some people will be interested in, while CampClasses and our Drop in Summer Art Buffet offer short-term projects that are fun and engaging.

  • Summer workshops – Various special interests are covered, like perspective and portraiture. (teens & adults only)
  • Summer Drop in – The Art Buffet (ages 6 & up)
  • Summer CampClasses – small groups meet for a week and have super summer fun. (several different CampClasses are offered from age 4, up to 14)