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What if you found an art teacher who focused on what you wanted to learn?




We’re in Cool Springs right off the interstate

Fun And Encouraging

“How-To” lessons are easy to understand

Variety of lessons holds your interest

Artists’ Choice gives freedom for self-expression

Knowing what to do leads to confidence

Strong Curriculum

Essential techniques are always demonstrated

Lessons are designed for every age group

We’ve tested and refined our curriculum for over 12 years

Insights take the mystery out of creating art

A Training Approach

We take the long-term path, to really learn art

Small classes with 10 students

One-on-one mentoring during class

36 weeks per school-year, meeting once a week

Designed For You

Join a class at any time on our cycle

4 adult classes to choose from

Free adult-only Open Studio once a month

Supplies are available any time, and always at 15% off the MSRP

You Can Join A Class At Any Time

Firstlight was founded in 2006 by Franklin artist, Dennas Davis.

While over 200 students attend each week, 4 of our classes are specifically for adults, some of whom are beginners, and some have been in our program for over 10 years. We’ve been trusted for over 12 years in the Nashville area, training artists of all ages.




Overview of Adult Classes

Almost every adult who comes to Firstlight says they were told something to the effect of, “you’re not good enough“, when they were younger. Since we can’t go back in time and tell that art teacher or misguided adult to, “STOP SAYING THAT!”, we work on changing that perception in our artists. Nothing is mysterious. You don’t have to be born with a certain talent. You just have to want to try. Practice and understanding leads to real joy when creating, and that’s what we want our students to experience.

Confidence grows from knowing how to do specific techniques and methods. So we show you, and tell you how to do it. It works! We’ve had many adults in our program for over 5 years.

Our goal for you is long-term, so you end up with the ability to create artwork on your own, in your own expressive way. We don’t send you home with a pretty picture – one that you can’t really make again. That’s not learning, that’s copying. We focus on building your skill.

Adult classes are offered at several times each week to fit your schedule. Choose from one of these:

  • Evening classes 6:16 – 8 PM (Mondays)
  • Morning classes 10 – Noon (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Afternoon class (Tues) 1 – 3

Pretty Art Can Make Frustrated Artists

It’s true. Learning how to really do your own art, often means working on projects that do not end with a beautiful work of art to take home. Tap the button below to read about how the frustration Dennas’ mother experienced, influences his art curriculum.

All Courses* include

10 FREE passes to our Saturday open studios

Open Studio $5 - Now EVERY Saturday During The School Year

  • KidsART for ages 4 - 8
    11:00 am to 12:30
  • Everyone else ages 8 and up
    1:00 to 3:30 pm
    Kids, teens, and adults all have separate rooms

No supplies? No Problem, it's only $5 more to use ours.

Open Studio is available to Everyone!*

Please sign up for a session using one of the buttons below, based on your current registration status.

Everyone must sign up now for Open Studio sessions. Thank you!

*We do not currently offer an Open Studio time for Special Needs Students. We hope to in the future.

What folks say about us

Ann, adult student

The art class is the high point of my week. The teachers are great at helping us each at our level of experience. We have lots of fun, and try all different types of projects. It is a very encouraging atmosphere

Pat, adult student

“You teach art in a way that is not intimidating for beginners.  You are always encouraging and fun and informative.  The class is a relaxed atmosphere and I look forward to being there.  Thanks so much.”

Judy, adult student

What I enjoy most about your class is the encouragement you give to each of us and the positive feedback that we get from you as a teacher.  Even though you teach the basics and I’m glad for that, you encourage the individual to develop her/his own style.
I think it’s great that you have the open studio monthly as well.“

Shea, adult student

“I was completely taken with you and your class!”
“I started Firstlight in 2006, because we needed a community art school that focused on each student’s goals.”

Dennas Davis

Have Questions? Just Call Or Text:

  Adult Instructors :

Dennas Davis

Founder & Director

Illustrator, painter, teacher, and director of Firstlight, Dennas has been a professional artist for 40 years. He has millions of books in print worldwide in over 30 languages, and is also the Founder of The Art Instructor, an online curriculum site for art educators.

Betsy Caldwell

Betsy Caldwell


A talented and accomplished artist for many years, with a background in both art and teaching, Betsy has been a huge part of Firstlight for most of our 14 years. She loves painting and drawing in all media, and sells her work and prints in several venues.  Betsy has helped in creating our curriculum too.