We try to make this whole art class thing work without fundraisers. It’s not easy.

However, one of the things we like to do, is help people when the unexpected happens. If you purchased one of our courses, but cannot finish it, we offer a 30-day cancellation notice and refund of remaining charges (only before February 20th of the school year). Send us the form below, and tell us about your problem with continuing (moving, illness, other crisis situations). We’ll refund or stop your payment after 30 days. This allows us to find a replacement for your empty seat. If your reasons are purely financial, we can almost always figure something out for you.

Because cancelation in the middle of the course is hard on the school and the students, we ask that you read our policies, and especially the detailed explanation at the bottom of the page. We can accommodate refunds because of health, moving, or family emergencies.


This form is only accepted on or before February 20th of the school year course. After that date we can no longer attempt to fill empty seats.


Fill out the following email form and include a description of your reasons for cancellation in the body of the email.

• Write “cancel” in the subject line.

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