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We're opening June 1st - carefully following CDC guidelines. Every student will be 6 feet from others. Our summer camp-like classes are small, and we are planning on having regular school year classes beginning the week of August 17th. Tap HERE to see health policies.

Here’s exactly what you need to know

Instructions are good – if they’re clear and simple. We tried to make this as easy as humanly possible, but if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to send us an email or text Dennas. Thank you so much for hanging in there with us while we make this a great Spring for creativity.

The yellow PDF is for all classes ages 8 to adults. The green one is for KidsART ages 4-8. Click on the images to open and download the PDFs to your device. Then view or print.

Individual emails have gone out for all of these programs. If you didn’t see one, or have any questions, please call or text Dennas at TN area code and 202-6426


About the pandemic and distancing

March 17, 2020
We actually see this unexpected break in our normal lives as a big opportunity for creativity, and we want to help our artists take advantage of it in every way possible.

To accomplish this goal, we want to raise the bar. Instead of only trying to replace what we normally do, we think our plan will help every student actually see more opportunities for learning, creating, and personal art coaching than ever before.

So, here are the 5 provisional programs we’ve created for our current students while they’re at home. The programs can and will continue for as long as is needed.

For Ages 8 & Up, Teens, & Adults:

1. Online Video Conference Classes &
Online Step-By-Step Lessons

(Zoom.com or Zoom app, and Theartinstructor.com)
Every single class will be available – for the same students, at the same time, with the same teacher, doing the same lesson, that we would do in our studio. It will work on any device from phones to tablets to desktops.
Every single family also now has an active online membership to our curriculum site, theartinstructor.com. You won’t even have to register. Every lesson we teach is available with all our PDFs and video demos too.

2. Social Media Groups.
Every single class will have its own online discussion page that functions like a Facebook group. Everyone in the class can post, ask questions, make suggestions, and get their teacher’s feedback every day.

3. Provisional Summer Classes.
These special Saturday sessions will be available in addition to the regular online classes, so that students will have opportunities to be face to face with students and teachers once it is safe to do so.

For ALL Ages:

4. Free passes.
Every student will get up to two passes for the Summer Art Buffet, our popular weekday afternoon program during the summer.

For ages 4 – 7 only:

5. Rescheduled KidsART Classes.
(Some will have turned 8 but are still in KidsART)

Every missed class will be rescheduled in the summer. Classes will be on weekdays but there will also be some extra Provisional Saturday classes scheduled too. Even if you miss a couple of sessions, your kids can get everything they’ll miss.

We are proud of everyone working on physical distancing to slow the spread of infection. It means everyone will be at home more often than not in the coming weeks – most likely looking for things to do. Children especially, will benefit from existing routine, and we are hoping to provide that with the same schedule, as well as social connection to their friends and teachers in art class.

While this unprecedented crisis is not convenient, to say the least, artists can surely find a silver lining in it: extra time to work on drawing and painting like never before.

So, we will be providing our regular lessons right in your home, as well as personalized coaching and instruction. We hope to make this Spring a great time of creativity!

Let’s make this a time that our artwork thrives.
Thank you so much!
The staff at Firstlight

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