Get ready for this week’s lesson.

For students connecting on Zoom. This will only take a few moments.

You will need several things ready to go at the beginning of class. It is important to draw a cylinder from real life for this lesson.

  1. Paper Towel Roll. Get a roll of paper towels and prepare it with two stripes as shown on the picture. You can use your blue tape all the way around, but it works better if you cut some colored paper to make the stripes wider as shown and secure with tape on the back.
  2. Saucer. Have a paper saucer or small plate available. You can use a real dish too, if you don’t have disposable. We are not messing it up in any way.
  3. Printed reference. Here is the PDF link for this week – it has 6 pages with many references. You may want to choose only one page to print out after looking at the options. If you don’t have color, a black and white print will work. You can also display the PDF on another device.

The roll of paper towels should be positioned as shown, where the artist can see a bit of the top without moving their head while drawing it.

Thank you!
The teachers at Firstlight