Tuition for a school-year course in the 2018-19 session is $1,227. There is a one-time registration fee of $30 per student. Anyone who begins after our first week will have their tuition amount automatically pro-rated.

The Foundations art courses we offer should be considered for the full 2 years if you want to understand how to create art without stress and feel competent at the most basic level. We have 72 lessons, and they are independent of each other, so you can start the course at any lesson during the entire 2-year cycle. Your course is purchased to the end of the school year that you sign up and you must re-register for each new school year.

Break your tuition up into monthly installment payments

We can auto-draft your credit or debit card for installment payments. These are $66 for August and $129 per month for the 9 months afterwards (September to May). The drafts will occur on the 2nd or 3rd of each month. To use this interest free plan, simply set up your account with payment information and select the monthly payments plan when you check out. With either plan you choose, the software will pro-rate the amount automatically if you are starting after our school year has begun.

You can Join a Class at any time!

You may join a class at any time since our lessons may be taken from any starting point in our 2-year curriculum cycle. See the graphic below.

Summer payments

Please visit our Summertime page for payment information about Summer camps and classes. (Summer 2018 ends on August 1st)