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You can join a school-year class at any time! See pricing below instructions

1. Choose A Class

Find a class you want using the schedule chart below or get that and more info by tapping the About Classes button. Take note of the name and class number if there is one

In the summer, note the camp dates. Also in the summer, you’ll need to sign up separately for each activity: Camps; Summer Art Buffet; and After-care.

2. Make An Account

Tap the Register Now button below. Then select “Create account” and follow the instructions. Please read and agree to our policies, which we’ve taken great effort to make simple, and almost fun to read (really!). Student image policy is optional.

Add your payment information if you plan to make monthly installments. Payment is made at the studio though, if you’re signing up for a trial class.

3. Create A Student

Each student must be created with their own information, including their birthdate.

If your child is almost old enough for the program you want, (Nov 1st is our school-year birthday cuttoff), go ahead and enroll. The system won’t charge you or finalize the enrollment, but will send us a request. Follow up with us if we don’t contact you quickly!

You can also enroll for a class that is full, and it will place you on a waiting list. It’s a good idea to follow up with that as well.

4. Enroll In A Class

Use the menu on our portal page to find the program, and then find the class you have chosen. There are some filters at the top you can use to narrow down ages and days of the week to make it easier. Tap “Enroll Now”

Fill out the information, selecting your student. Also, use the drop down menus to select the payment plan you want, and whether you’re signing up (Active) or asking for a one-time trial class (Trial) for $30.

Call us if you have any questions.


Supplies are needed for ages 8 and up. Order with our handy checklist form, or at the studio.

Tax-Free Supply Weekend July 31-August 2

Check Out Our Summer Page!

School Year Program Tuition

Tuition for our Big Program (ages 8 and up) school-year course in the 2020-21 session is the same as the last two years! There is a one-time registration fee of $30 per student. Anyone who begins after our first week will have their tuition automatically pro-rated.

Big Program

Ages 8 and up through adults

COST: $1227/yr or $129 monthly installments – see below

Small Program

Ages 6 through 7 (we are not currently planning a 4-5 yr olds class)

COST: $1110/yr or $116 monthly installments – see below

Not quite sure it’s a good fit yet?… Try a TRIAL class.

It costs $30, includes the day’s supplies, and we charge you at the studio instead of online. Follow the same directions above, changing “active” to “trial”.

All Courses* include

10 FREE passes to our Saturday open studios

Open Studio $5 - Now EVERY Saturday During The School Year

  • KidsART for ages 4 - 8
    11:00 am to 12:30
  • Everyone else ages 8 and up
    1:00 to 3:30 pm
    Kids, teens, and adults all have separate rooms

No supplies? No Problem, it's only $5 more to use ours.

Open Studio is available to Everyone!*

Please sign up for a session using one of the buttons below, based on your current registration status.

Everyone must sign up for Open Studio sessions. Thank you!

*We do not currently offer an Open Studio time for Special Needs Students. We hope to in the future.

Big Program Considerations

The Foundations art courses we offer should be considered for the full 2 years if you want to fully understand how to create art without stress and feel competent at the most basic level. We have 72 lessons, and they are independent of each other, so you can start the course at any lesson during the entire 2-year cycle. Your course is purchased to the end of the school year that you sign up and you must re-register for each new school year.

Break your tuition up into easy monthly installments

We can auto-draft your credit or debit card for installment payments. For the Big Program, these are $66 for August and $129 per month for the 9 months afterwards (September to May). The Small Program is $61 for August and $116/mo afterwards.

The drafts will occur on the 2nd or 3rd of each month. To use this interest free plan, simply set up your account with payment information and select the monthly payments plan when you check out. With either plan you choose, the software will pro-rate the amount automatically if you are starting after our school year has begun.

You May Join A Class At Any Time

Give us a call. We're happy to answer your questions.

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