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 Week Of August 19

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School-year classes.

Our 2019-20 Schedule is shown in the graphic chart, and we are enrolling for the coming school year now!

Our Foundations course has a strong curriculum extending through two full school years of classes. You can join a class and begin your personal cycle at any time, during any school year. It works great. We’ve been doing it this way for 13 years, with over 220 students a year!


Tuition for a full year of our 36-week school-year 2019-20 art courses is $1,227 – the same as this past year! There is a one-time registration fee of $30 per student per school-year.

Anyone who begins during the school year will have the amount pro-rated to reflect the number of classes left in the year.

Big Program: 36 weeks = $1,227
Small Program (ages 4 – 7): 36 weeks = $1110

Break your tuition up into monthly installment payments

We can auto-draft your credit or debit card for installment payments. These are $129 per month (Big Program) starting when you begin and continuing through to May. The drafts will occur on the 2nd or 3rd of each month. To use this interest free plan, simply set up your account with payment information and select the monthly payments plan when you check out. With either plan you choose, the software will pro-rate the amount automatically if you are starting after our school year has begun.

“What do your course names mean? As in Foundations, Creations, and Expressions?


We take a long-term training approach. The entry level course is called Foundations. This should be taken by everyone entering our program, even if you are already trained. We teach methods and concepts you won’t find elsewhere, and skipping Foundations is difficult to do.
There are 2 years of curriculum for Foundations. There is year A and year B. Every lesson stands on its own, so you can begin anywhere in the two year cycle (see graphic below).
After the 2 years of Foundations, we have 2 years of Creations curriculum that can be taken WITHIN any Foundations class. Why do we combine students? Well, every student needs to use the foundational lessons they’ve learned in more personal and challenging ways. To that end, we like to place them along side the Foundations students so they hear the lessons they took two years before. It is an excellent way to review something they have only attempted once, or maybe two times.
The Creations students are given a special instruction sheet when they arrive. It tells them how to apply their skills from the current Foundation lesson to a project that is more challenging and that they have much more control over. Sometimes they’ll have artists’ choice when Foundations does not. The teacher helps them individually just like the Foundations students.
In other words, they continue to use the foundational concepts and techniques, but to make their own more accomplished works of art, like all artists do.
Often the Creations students will encourage the Foundations students and even show them how things are done. This is great for both students on many levels.

This is why we have courses where both names are combined: Foundations/Creations

After the Creations years, artists then work on their independent vision in Expressions. This is also using the foundations and creating their own art, but they also are working with the teacher to design their own projects and series of works. This works well when students are at least 15 or 16 years old and are fully dedicated to their art.
Often the younger artists believe that after their Foundations classes they are free to abandon these ideas and just do whatever they want. But artists never abandon the foundations. We use them every single day. We have found that it doesn’t work very well to have self-directed freedom until they are well into high school and have reviewed the foundations until they are more habitual.
You can think of it as an athlete being able to lift more weight. You use the same tools and techniques every day, but you are becoming a stronger artist.

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