Open Studio Sign-up Page

Only needed if you’re not a current student.

Open Studio is usually on the First Saturday of each month. Check This Page for the specific calendar of events.

(This sign up form is only needed if you’re not currently in a course at Firstlight)

$4 for non-students with a $4 supply fee if needed (fees are collected at the door). 

Three Sessions:

  1. Adults • 9 – 11 AM
  2. Age 4-7 • 11 AM – 12:30 PM
  3. Age 8 & Up • 1 PM – 3:30 PM

Parents can attend any session with their children.

Space is limited to 10 non students and is first-come, first-serve. Submit your request with the green button, but please try again if you do not get into this month’s Open Studio. Look for a confirmation or call if you don’t see one.

Sign-up Request Form

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Terms & Waiver

Well, fooey. The lawyers say we have to do this. You know how it is. At least it’s short!

• This is an agreement between Firstlight Art Academy and myself, named above, and will be in effect for 2 weeks.

• I agree that if I need to use supplies I will need to purchase a one-time supply fee of $4 per student, as well as a $4 fee to use the facilities. I understand that there will be staff available to help with set up, but that specific instruction is not available during Open Studio Saturdays.

• I hereby release Dennas Davis, Firstlight Arts Academy, its agents, employees, and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage, or loss which may be sustained by the above named student(s) while participating in classes and activities offered by Firstlight.

• In case of emergency, I grant any staff or faculty member of Firstlight Arts Academy permission to seek medical care for the above-named student(s).