Classes Begin the Week of August 20-24

Tax-free supplies Sat august 28, 10am-5pm

We have everything you need, at the best price too

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Pick them up at Firstlight!

If you’ve been around for very long at Firstlight, you know that we’ve always worked as hard as we can to keep materials costs down. Sometime it is hard to find the important items we use without traveling into downtown Nashville or going out to Hickory Hollow to specialty art stores. We will always continue our goal of keeping your supplies affordable, and we try to make it easy to purchase them too.  These supplies will last the full school year and some will last much longer.

15% OFF

We always offer our supplies at a 15% discount off of the Manufacturer’s list prices, so you will know you’re not paying more than you need to.

40% OFF

Our Stretched Canvas is usually 40% off msrp! available at the school in several popular sizes. (discount for canvas subject to change depending upon availability)

Supplies are needed for artists age 8 & up

Returning Students, please make sure you have a full set of supplies BEFORE your first class. Thank you!

Full set of new supplies 

If you are new to Firstlight, or if your supplies are mostly used up, you can buy a new load of stuff with everything needed for your class, all at once, and with no worries whether or not you found the right items. (several rolls of paper towels are not included, but required at various times). The supplies should last the entire year, and many items last close to 2 full years of classes.

A la carte

Supplies are available for single-item purchase any time – during class or on our online store. We also have special items such as stretched canvas, clay, and higher grade paints, which are not on the required lists, but available for purchase when you want them.

If your student runs out of an item during class, we may notify you to go online and pay for them before class is over. That way supplies will be available immediately, and we don’t forget at the chaos when classes are letting out.

Online Store

Good • Fast • Cheap

Our supplies are carefully selected to be the lowest price, without causing frustration from poor materials that just don’t work well.

Foundations Supply list
Toons Supply list
Required Firstlight pigment colors

We hope you will purchase from us, and really, almost everyone does, but we also don’t want there to be any pressure to do so. If you love shopping around and getting the best sale prices, then go for it! Just FYI, we have had several people try to beat our prices and they ended up returning their purchases when they saw that ours were lower. Not only do we mark down 15%, but we also buy a few things in bulk.

Our list of 10 pigments must be purchased exactly as shown in our supply list above. Any deviation will not only hinder your ability to mix colors well, but you won’t be able to follow our curriculum.


Supplies checklist PDF – 1 page

Figure out exactly what you need. Tap the thumbnail to open our checklist pdf in a new tab or window. Print and use to go through your supplies and make a list of what you are low on. Bring to class and purchase any time, or use it when you head over to our online store.

Online Store

Here are Dennas’ thoughts on all the local places to find your own supplies:

1. Hobby Lobby. Good prices and good supplies. This is not a fully stocked art store and will not have everything we use, but for a close place to buy most things, this is my favorite. They have good frames and people, as well as great prices and sales on easels.

2. Michael’s. Some of the items are discount brands, and very well priced, but most of their goods are right at MSRP – and they seldom have sales or coupons. (update: this is changing! I love competition!)

3. Plaza Art in downtown Nashville. This is a great store with student discounts, but it is a long way off and in an odd part of the city. My favorite over-all, once you get there.

4. Jerry’s Art-a-rama. Another good art store, with some regular msrp prices, and some things very low priced. Great for super-bargains if you can buy in quantity and know what to look for. This is in the Hickory Hollow area, and quite a drive. Some say it’s a questionable area so go during the day.

5. Joann. They have better supplies than they used to, and they have mailers with great discounts. Their supplies are somewhat limited for the artist, as they cater more to crafts-people. (update: changing with more selection for artists)