Use our new simple form to order what you need. We can charge this to your account, or you can pay with card, cash or check at the studio.

  • If you’re a new student, select a full set

  • If you’ve been at Firstlight for a while, use the form as a checklist to fully replenish your supplies

Please submit one order form for each student

  1. Choose what you need
  2. Tap “Submit”
  3. We’ll get your order ready and charge the payment card on your account
  4. Pick up your supplies when you come to class

Note: This form doesn’t add everything up for you in a total, and we’re sorry about that, but otherwise, this is the easiest way to get supplies we can think of! And if you need us to give you a total before we run the charges, tell us in the special instructions at the bottom and we’ll contact you first.


Order Form

No supplies are needed for KidsART - ages 4 through 7 - because they're in the classroom and included in tuition.
If you already have a case, choose "without our case". Our cases will hold all supplies except the pads.
ie: "I need 2 brushes. The small one and the medium sized one." OR, "I will pick up this Saturday at Open Studio."

What is 7+4?