Firstlight students can use our simple form to order what you need.

  • If you’re a new student, select a full set

  • If you’ve been at Firstlight before, supplies last about one year.

  • Please use the form as a checklist & make sure you begin each year with a full year’s worth of supplies.

  • Please submit an order form for each student
  1. Choose what you need
  2. Tap “Submit”
  3. We’ll get your order ready and charge the payment card on your account
  4. Pick up your supplies when you come to class


Order Form

KidsART and Special Needs have fees that will be charged when you start class. Supplies are kept in the studio in individual bins for each student.
If on multiple days, choose first day. (We do not usually recommend more than one class per year for anyone under the age of 15.)
Foundations supplies are also used for Creations level classes. Our cases will hold all your supplies except the pads, the 3-ring binder, and the modeling clay.
Advanced Toon supplies do not have markers and include a professional colored pencil set instead of student grade.
We also have Golden acrylic paints & mediums, oil paints and mediums, and a few more canvas sizes. Please call to see what's available. Thank you!
ie: "I need 2 brushes. The small one and the medium sized one." OR, "I will pick up this Saturday at Open Studio."

Total Charges

$ 0.00
We'll charge this as we fill your order. THANK YOU!
Your total charges are shown at the bottom of the screen. You will not be charged until we manually run it, so don't be worried if it doesn't show up for a few days. Thank you!

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