Morning camps are mostly full, however, people do cancel – check the list often! And please, register for camps to get on each waiting list. If it opens up, you get that spot!

The Summer Art Buffet still has room on some weekdays.

Please note that we are continuing mask and other safety measures as per the recent CDC recommendations for unvaccinated children.

It’s our 16th year!


Art Camps
& Workshops

5-Day Sessions

Small Classes 


Art Buffet

Choose Any Days

Choose Any Project 

Summer Art Buffet

Personalized daily drop-in class - every weekday June 7 to July 30

Students must register by 12:30 pm on the day they want to attend.

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What is Summer Art Buffet?

A daily class, where every student gets to choose their own projects. The teacher visits each student frequently and when asked, to help them understand every step and technique they need.

Weekday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:30

$34 per day / $150 for 5 days

Our popular daily art classes begin on MONDAY, JUNE 7. The Buffet is every weekday from 1 PM to 3:30 PM. The Summer Art Buffet ends Friday, July 30.

This is a customized 2-hour drop-in art class with personalized instruction. We have a “MENU” of art projects you choose from (see below). Not only do you get to choose your own activity, but you also make your own schedule, coming on whatever days you choose. If you begin one day, and come back 3 weeks later, you can pick up right where you left off.

It’s almost like a private art lesson in the same room as other students. The Summer ART Buffet is great for both kids and adults.

Ages 6-9 A structured lesson for ages 6-9 – includes supplies

Ages 8-12 Individual projects for ages 8-12 – includes basic supplies

Ages 13 & up Individual projects for teens through adults – includes basic supplies

Buffet Supplies: All of the supplies you need for basic drawing and painting are included! (Maximum of one canvas or watercolor painting per day)

Register for Art BUFFET class(es)

Students must register at least one half-hour, by 12:30 pm, before each daily class begins at 1:00, to be admitted.

You can make your camp payment with a credit or debit card on our Customer Portal using the button below.

Please note that the first 20-30 minutes will be used for free art time, orientation, and lesson planning for each student. Please be patient while the teacher works to get everyone started. Thanks!

Student Work:



All Basic Materials Are Included:

Brushes, smocks, pencils, paints*, paper, canvas page*, pastels, charcoal, ink, etc.

(*Limit one medium-sized painting per session)



Figurines • Frames • Toys • Wood Projects • T-Shirts • Stretched Canvas • Air Dry Clay • Carving Printblocks

Extra items are priced as marked from $1 – $5, and $10 for a t-shirt. Canvases range from very small to very large.


Still Life





1-Page Comic Book
Character Design
Movie Poster


Color Pencils
Oil Pastels


Air Dry Clay
Mixed Media


Foam Etching
Block Carving

Summer Art Camps & Workshops

Morning classes for ages 4 to adult - small class sizes

Each Camp or Workshop is 5 days, Mon-Fri.

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Firstlight Summer Camps and Workshops have become so popular they have completely filled up the last few years. We took the focus of a small art class and combined it with the fun of camp activities. It’s become a favorite in our community!

Camps are mostly full. Openings occur and you can register for any camp to be placed on the waiting list.

These are very small camp-like classes. With only 6 to 9 students* in the room, you know everyone will be getting a ton of individual encouragement and instruction!

Schedule: 9 AM until 1:00 PM. Camp art activities are for three hours, but students can stay for four hours and bring a lunch to eat outside. The art class begins at 9 AM and finishes up at Noon each day. At Noon, students take their sack lunch they’ve brought from home, and enjoy an hour of extra fun outdoors and with classic cartoons and drawing. Students may choose to add the afternoon session too, and stay even longer, until 3:30 PM. Just sign up for the Summer Art Buffet for any or all the days of your camp (register separately!). When you come for all 5 days, you get our discounted package.

Coming & Going: Morning drop off is not available before 8:45 am without special request/payment. Please CALL us. Pick up can be anytime from noon to 1 pm if not staying for the buffet.
*class sizes may increase slightly if health concerns are behind us.

Camps For Ages 4-5 and 6-8


Ages 4 & 5

Art Farm is our all new camp for our youngest artists. Every day they’ll harvest a new crop of art projects, based on farm animals and veggies.


Plant the seeds for a big harvest of art in your kids with this all new FARM-themed art camp. Every morning, we’ll make fun farmstyle art projects. Students will create designs, paint animals and scenes, as well as discover fun ways to make new artwork in 2D and 3D.

Price: $182
Includes all supplies

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Ages 6 – 8

Our first and favorite camp! Every day students work on their giant poster and fun projects, ending with a very “big” surprise on Friday.


Explore the world of art in paint and paper, and draw from a bug’s perspective. We begin the week creating lots of pictures and painting different colors. Each day, we add a section to our giant butterfly poster, and on the last day, there’s a really “big” yet small, surprise. 

Price: $182
Includes all supplies

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Art Monsters

Ages 6 – 9

Last year this new camp was a monstrous hit! Students work each day to make life-sized puppet-monsters, and fun projects.


Explore the world of art in paint, paper, and sculpture. Every day we learn techniques and work on painting monster parts (legs, arms, claws, etc). At the end of the week, we put them all together for a monstrosity of a puppet-poster. A hat and claws are created, and on the last day, there’s a monster mash!

Price: $182
Includes all supplies

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Ages 6 – 8

NEW! Artists head deep into the jungle, discovering brilliant colors & animals. Every day artists work on a paper mache animal sculpture.


Artists will enjoy using brilliant jungle colors to paint mysterious animals and amazing foliage. Animal masks are made, and we turn the studio into a jungle on the last day! All supplies included.

Price: $182
Includes all supplies

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Ages 6 – 9

NEW!  Robots take over the easels with our new art camp. Giant robot puppets are worked on each day, with lots of sci-fi robot projects.


Explore the world of art in paint, paper, and sculpture. Every day artists use new techniques and work on creating 2D Robot parts (legs, arms, claws, etc). At the end of the week, we put them all together for a huge mechanical puppet-poster. A Robot sculpture is made too! (Please note, this camp is very similar to Art Monsters but with a different theme).

Price: $182
Includes all supplies

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Camps For Ages 8-12


Ages 8 – 12

Be a Color Master, mixing new hues in your own pigment laboratory. Create amazing color experiments and apply them to your artwork.


The first part of the week students make an explosion of painted colors and variations. These are used to create a large colorful artwork of an animal you choose. You’ll also make an original painted t-shirt with your own design. All supplies, including artist’s acrylic paint, tools and t-shirt are included.

Price: $198
Includes all supplies

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Ages 8 – 12

NEW! Explore animal drawing, painting, sculpture, and photos. Artists discover how to bring animals to life in their own style!


Oil pastels, charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolor, clay, and acrylics will be used in this jam-packed week of creative exploration. A painted clay sculpture will be created and placed in a diorama for photographing on the last day.

Price: $198
Includes all supplies

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Ages 8 – 12

Our NEW Cartooning Camp just for ages 8 to 12. Learn cartooning and develop a super hero character for your own giant comic book!


Students learn how to draw characters, and bring them to life in a story. We’ll learn how to draw lightsabers, explosions, and super-suits. A large comic book is finished to take home.

Price: $198
Includes all supplies

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Camps For Ages 10-14


Ages 10 -17

An all NEW Cartooning Camp where students create a multi-page comic book by the end of the week using professional tools and techniques.


With two bound copies of a book to take home this comicbook camp is sure to make artists proud. Cartoonists in this camp will use professional comic book artist tools to create a story, plan pages, create a rough version and finally ink it all in. A color cover completes the book.

Price: $198
Includes all supplies

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Ages 10 -14

Jump into the world of cartooning! Learn how to draw human and animal cartoons with Mr. Dennas. Create your own comicbook page!


Develop your own characters, give them expressions, and make them come to life. Create alien characters in air-dry clay, as well as on paper. The entire week of work, including a short comicbook, is bound in a take-home book.

Price: $198
Includes all supplies

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Art In

Ages 10 – 14

NEW! This camp is great for space-farers and aliens – and also artists who want to draw them! – you’ll make planets and spaceships too.


Draw and paint an alien landscape. Design and develop an alien character, then create a small sculpture model in polymer clay. Students will also design a spaceship and build it with cardboard and other materials. The ship and a planet will be painted to take home and hang in your room.

Price: $198
Includes all supplies

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Ages 13 & up

A big hit last yar, students create 3-D cartoons based on human structure, and also develop an animatable character in Disney or anime styles.


This camp for teenagers is all about character development  While most of the work will be on paper, students will spend much of the week creating a 3-D sculpture model to take home. Emphasis is on learning basic anatomy and character development with a 3-Dimensional aspect.

Price: $228 
Includes all supplies

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Teens & Adults

NEW! Not only do artists love to draw, it’s essential for artists to do daily. Students will explore drawing in a variety of subjects and mediums.


This camp for teenagers and adults is great for artists who want to improve their skills and enjoy drawing even more. Topics will cover: figure and anatomy, still life, architecture, and portraits. We will work in pencil, charcoal, and ink.

Price: $228
Includes all supplies

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The Whole Summer Schedule

The schedule graphic below is often updated, but our camps are completely full. People change plans and sometimes people get in at the last minute.

This is the entire schedule of summer camps in a chart


Full Day Packages

Add the afternoon Art Buffet and even AfterCare to your CAMP for all Day Art Fun!

Come for art from 9 am to 3:30 pm all week. Combine your morning CAMP-Class with the afternoon Summer ART Buffet to have a full day of art all week long – with a discount! Price is $150 to add the Summer ART Buffet to your CAMP for all 5 days (savings of $20). Register early to ensure a spot.

Sign up for the same 5 days as your camp-class to make a full week that lasts from 9 am to 3:30 pm every weekday.

Register & pay

You’ll can make your payment with a credit or debit card on our Customer Portal.

Note: policies and session times are subject to change (this doesn’t happen often). Any changes will be posted here and/or sent out in emails to students.

Summer Health & Wellness Overview

Firstlight Art Academy has been doing every single thing we can, in order to keep everyone safe. We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable among us. Please read the safety policies outlined below. Thank you!

Our Classes are Very Small
We are still requiring masks, having smaller than normal class sizes, and keeping students separated by using 2 entrances. We have 6 feet or more between students, and HEPA air filters in every room. 

Wellness Practices & Policies (tap to open)

Physical Distancing & Screening

  • Classes meet each morning, each with a separate entrance and designated bathroom. We will keep groups separate from the other.
  • Parents drop off and pick up children in car lines instead of entering the facility. We’ll have welcoming check-in teachers at the car lines. At pick-up, students will be walked to the cars.
  • We take temperatures upon arrival.
  • Each student will be assigned a space for personal items.
  • Each student is 6 feet from others and there is a clear and open path to the bathroom.
  • Students will have designated supplies.
  • Please send personal snacks and drinks with your student.


  • Restrooms are sanitized after every use.
  • All surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant before class, during break, and after everyone leaves.


  • Everyone is required to wear a mask or bandana covering.
  • Each studio has a break-chair, far away from everyone else, where students can remove their mask for a few minutes.

Lunches – if student is staying for the afternoon

As much as possible we will be eating outdoors on our new picnic tables under tents with distance between students. If weather does not permit this, we will be in the studio but with open doors and fans to keep air moving.

We have HEPA air filtering in every room with UVC light inside the air cleaners.

Student work