30-Day Cancellation Form

Please read before filling out the form at the bottom. Thank you!

You and your family are why Firstlight is here. I want to take a moment to explain to you how we’re trying to get everyone through the current season. This time is truly exceptional, so we have no standard practices to help us navigate.

3 goals:

  1. To help artists take full advantage of their time – to create art
  2. To stay in business and continue to teach artists
  3. To be flexible and help families and our community as much as possible

New Programs:

  • ONLINE CLASSES – If you can’t get to us, we now have hybrid versions of almost every class.
  • Order Online & pickup SUPPLIES – We have curbside pickup for art supplies if you need them.

 -We know that everyone is struggling – some much more than others. While we are all working hard to maintain as much of our normal life as possible, it’s difficult. If you are thinking it makes sense to pull out of our program for a couple of months and return later, please consider this move as carefully as you can. Our program runs on 2-year cycles, so a break from classes is also a gap in the instruction – that needs to be made up before moving up to another level.

Our standard policies keep us in business and protect our students too. We have always asked for a full year commitment and not accepted cancelations after February 20th.

But if you are wanting to “take a break”, I’m asking you to please consider the impact on your family, the other students, and on us. But mainly I asking you to communicate with me what your family’s situation is. Everyone has a story right now, and no single policy we made could adequately consider yours.

And now is such a great time for artists to be creative, and so very important for everyone to maintain their connections.

If you have already communicated with us and still need to cancel, please use the form below. Your class will be cancelled 30 days after the date submitted. 

Again, thank you so much – Dennas Davis

My mobile phone: 615-202-6426


Deadline (currently waived)

This form can only be accepted on or before February 20th of the school year course. After that date we can no longer attempt to fill empty seats.


Please fill out the following email form and submit.

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