We have 3 awesome programs every Summer:

  1. Camps – Ages 4 to 14
  2. Drop-In – Ages 6 to adult
  3. Workshops – Ages 13 to adult

An Art Class Just For You

You can Join a Class at any time!

If you’re looking for real art training, in a fun environment,
with small classes, and awesome instructors…


We’re in Cool Springs right off the interstate

We have classes for almost every age:

4 & 5 Year Olds

6 & 7 Year Olds

8, 9, & 10 Year Olds

10, 11, & 12 Year Olds



Fun And Encouraging

“How-To” lessons are easy to understand

Variety of lessons holds your interest

Artists’ Choice gives freedom for self-expression

Knowing what to do leads to confidence

Strong Curriculum

Essential techniques are always demonstrated

Lessons are designed for every age group

We’ve tested and refined the curriculum for over 12 years

Insights take the mystery out of creating art

A Training Approach

We take the long-term path, to really learn art

Small classes with 10-12 students

One-on-one mentoring during class

36 weeks per school-year, meeting once a week

Designed For You

Join a class at any time on our cycle

30 classes to choose from

Free Open Studio once a month

Supplies are available any time, and always at 15% off the MSRP

You Can Join A Class At Any Time

Firstlight was founded in 2006 by Franklin artist and
children’s book illustrator, Dennas Davis.

Over 200 students attend each week, in 29 classes taught by one of our wonderful instructors. We’ve been trusted for over 12 years in the Nashville area, training artists of all ages.




Pretty Art Can Make Frustrated Artists

It’s true. Learning how to really do your own art, often means working on projects that do not end with a beautiful work of art to take home. Tap the button below to read about how the frustration Dennas’ mother experienced, influences his art curriculum.

What folks say about us

Ann, adult student

The art class is the high point of my week. The teachers are great at helping us each at our level of experience. We have lots of fun, and try all different types of projects. It is a very encouraging atmosphere

Parent of 6 year old

“Art class is the highlight of his week!”

Hannah, Parent

“They both said they loved all the activities and couldn’t point out a favorite.  We most definitely will take part next summer and can recommend it to others wholeheartedly. Thanks for everything.”

Parent of 12 year old

“When I pick her up from class, she asks me if she can have art class every day after school!

Shea, Parent and student

I realized not only that she was being taught the same things I learned in art school, but that she was getting it – at only age 9. Your ability to translate it into fun for kids is wonderful.”

Allyson, Parent of 9 year old

We feel so blessed to have discovered first light.  She enjoys class so much”
“I started Firstlight in 2006, because we needed a community art school that focused on each student’s goals.”

Dennas Davis