Or, “How I learned to love good art supplies” (Hey, speaking of which, Saturday, July 30 from 10 am to 5 pm is tax free supplies order day at Firstlight)

This is for the artist in your house:

You know that brush? The one that came with that set. That set that your sweet auntie got you for Christmas one year that has 438 pieces, with all those tiny beautiful bits of barely useable rainbow-arranged media in 3 little drawers. That brush.

You like that brush.

Because it came from your Auntie, and it looks so cool with its shiny black lacquer and red stripe.

But you hate that brush.

That brush doesn’t work like other brushes. It bends too much. It spreads out instead of making a point.

Every time you use it creativity changes. Instead of being your greatest joy it becomes a struggle for establishing your dominance over mindless paint. It is so frustrating to use. It makes you fight your work instead of flow.

That’s no small problem for an artist, but thankfully there is an easy fix.





I know it’s hard. I know it goes against all your instincts from many years of wide-eyed trips to art stores and the hoarding of supplies that should have been used up 5 years ago but maybe you can get just one more eensy teensy little squeeze of paint out them. Supplies seem so precious.

But you can do it. That brush is not precious. It is an imposter in a world of useable brushes, that you would not give to your most hated artistic enemy. You know it’s true. Don’t do this to yourself. Make the future more awesome by ridding the world of inferior supplies that make artists fight and sweat instead of dance and sing.

Then relax.

And after you do, find every brush in your home that’s like it. They’re the ones with the plastic handles or those that have been made with the the belly hair of diseased opossums. Toss them too. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. Shoot, I feel better just telling you to throw those lousy brushes away.

Because… the world needs happy artists.

Mr. Dennas
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