How To Remove Acrylic Paint

We often get asked for information. Here’s a great chart Dennas made to help you understand how to deal with paint when it’s not where you wanted.

Local Frame Shops

Local Frame Shops

Damico Frame & Art

If you’re looking for someone who will take care to make your work look as good as possible, this is the place you’ll find him. Michael Damico is the best of the best.  Many of our students get there work framed here. Tell him Firstlight sent you!

Hobby Lobby

You can find inexpensive but nice frames and mats for DIY, or you can have the knowledgable folks working here help you with a custom job. They usually have a coupon online, and frames are discounted often (usually every other week).

How To Do Art Supplies

How To Do Art Supplies

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Life is crazy so we are trying to make it as easy as possible to get the supplies you need.


Here are two ways to do it, and why it’s important. The first step is…

1. Figure out what you need

Download our handy checklist and see what you’re missing. Make a check mark for everything you need to buy.

2-A. Purchase online at home

Just go to our online store, look at your checklist, and buy what you need as a pick-up order. It will be ready for you or your child when you get to class. ORDER TAX FREE ONLINE THIS WEEKEND: Friday, July 27 – Sunday, July 29. 

Online Store


2-B. Purchase before class at Firstlight

Bring your checklist. We will be at the studio just to help you get supplies and even register if you haven’t. 

Why worry about it?

Class time is for doing art projects and we begin as soon as you sit down. Our curriculum is timed to the minute.

In the past, we have actually had several classes full of students who were dropped off without sketch pads, critical paint colors, or even pencils, asking what to do and with no way to pay for supplies. With over 200 students, and up to 48 at one time, we need for you to get supplies taken care of – before a teacher is faced with an impossible situation. If supplies are not purchased before class, and the student doesn’t have them, we will probably be too overwhelmed to sell them during class-time for the first few weeks. We will not provide free supplies to students who have not restocked their supplies. Your student may be stuck without the supplies to do the projects if you do not restock before we begin.

Thank you for understanding and helping us make art classes fun and easy.SaveSave


Firstlight is open every day but Sunday, from August 9th to August 18th.

  • Weekdays 1 to 6 pm

  • Saturdays 10 am to 5 pm

Give a Friend a Gift… Make Moolah!

Give a Friend a Gift… Make Moolah!

This is so good. Give someone a $50 gift card that you don’t have to pay for. Then get free tuition! FREE TUITION!

We get more students. Someone new gets to come to art classes. What’s not to like about our special deal for bringing in a new student? But now we are also making this way easier.

We have new cards for you to give away. Here’s how it works.

  1. You’re talking to a friend about art classes. They are interested, so…
  2. You whip out your $50 referral Gift Card and write your name on the back (if you haven’t already).
  3. You give your friend the $50 Gift Card!
  4. Friend redeems the card and signs up for a school-year course (any time during the year).
  5. Your tuition draft is skipped for a month!
  6. You do a little Moolah Dance.

Pick up cards at the Firstlight Studio. Take two or three if you like to do the Moolah Dance a lot.

Mr. Dennas

Ok, so why do we put moolah into piggy banks? Shouldn’t we have cow banks? I mean…. MOOOO-lah – IT SOUNDS LIKE A COW. Life can be so confusing. Even the cow bank I found below, was actually labeled a “cow piggy bank” on Amazon.





*Ah, rules. Love ’em or hate ’em, here they are:
Basically, we’re giving one month in tuition for each art student you refer (not good for any summer programs). That means that If you are already an art student family yourself, and refer a family that signs up say… 3 art students, or you refer 3 families with one student each, then you get 3 months off your tuition. If you bring in one student, you get a month off. It’s pretty simple. The considerations are: 1) It’s a month per student, even if the new student takes more than one class, 2) There’s no limit of discounts you can get until your tuition is completely paid for, 3) The referral student must sign up for the rest of the school year program and 4) the new student can’t have already contacted us about classes in any way. Offer good at least until the end of whatever year it is, and probably longer. (subject to change), Void where prohibited, but since no one knows where that is, the point is moooot.

Little Brush of Horrors

Little Brush of Horrors


Or, “How I learned to love good art supplies” (Hey, speaking of which, Saturday, July 30 from 10 am to 5 pm is tax free supplies order day at Firstlight)

This is for the artist in your house:

You know that brush? The one that came with that set. That set that your sweet auntie got you for Christmas one year that has 438 pieces, with all those tiny beautiful bits of barely useable rainbow-arranged media in 3 little drawers. That brush.

You like that brush.

Because it came from your Auntie, and it looks so cool with its shiny black lacquer and red stripe.

But you hate that brush.

That brush doesn’t work like other brushes. It bends too much. It spreads out instead of making a point.

Every time you use it creativity changes. Instead of being your greatest joy it becomes a struggle for establishing your dominance over mindless paint. It is so frustrating to use. It makes you fight your work instead of flow.

That’s no small problem for an artist, but thankfully there is an easy fix.





I know it’s hard. I know it goes against all your instincts from many years of wide-eyed trips to art stores and the hoarding of supplies that should have been used up 5 years ago but maybe you can get just one more eensy teensy little squeeze of paint out them. Supplies seem so precious.

But you can do it. That brush is not precious. It is an imposter in a world of useable brushes, that you would not give to your most hated artistic enemy. You know it’s true. Don’t do this to yourself. Make the future more awesome by ridding the world of inferior supplies that make artists fight and sweat instead of dance and sing.

Then relax.

And after you do, find every brush in your home that’s like it. They’re the ones with the plastic handles or those that have been made with the the belly hair of diseased opossums. Toss them too. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. Shoot, I feel better just telling you to throw those lousy brushes away.

Because… the world needs happy artists.

Mr. Dennas
Come see me Saturday and get registered and order art supplies tax free!